node.js hosting

Name Node Version Web Sockets IP/Hostname IRC Repository Free Plan Paid Plans Notes
appfog 0.4.12, 0.6.17, 0.8.14, 0.10.22 No Yes, custom domains in paid plan only appfog Free Signups suspended Yes – monthly subscriptions and enterprise support available General Availability
Baidu App Engine 0.10.21 Yes (with Port Service enabled) Yes BaiduAppEngine No CNY 0.1 / Day / Instance at least, Postpaid MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcache, SSH Login, NFS, CDN and many service supported
Clever Cloud version you need Yes Yes, custom domains in paid plan only #clevercloud on Clever Cloud on github No, just a free trial Yes – pay as you go model General Availability, launch of nodejs-cloud
Cloud Foundry 0.4.12, 0.6.8, 0.8.2 No No cloudfoundry Yes - Only during beta. Beta, accepting signups
Cloudnode 0.4.12, 0.6.17, 0.8.25 Yes Yes Yes - Up to 3 VMs, 25 MB CouchDB space, 250,000 requests/month. Beta (accepting signups) - powered by Nodester
DotCloud 0.4.10 Yes Paid plan #dotcloud dotcloud Pro - $99/month, 4 services. Enterprise - Unlimited services.
EvenNode 0.8.x, 0.9.x, 0.10.x, 0.11.x Yes Yes Starting at $8/month Runs on AWS
exoscale apps 0.8.x, 0.10.x Yes Yes exoscale Yes, free credit on sign-up Yes, pre-paid credit, post-paid option General Availability
Heroku 0.4.x, 0.6.x, 0.8.x, 0.10.x Yes Yes #heroku heroku Yes - 1 Dyno (512 MB Ram) $0.05/hour/dyno
Modulus 0.2.x - 0.11.x Yes Yes #modulus OnModulus $15 free credits $0.02/hour per instance Live on AWS
Nodejitsu 0.4.12, 0.6.x, 0.8.x, 0.10.x Yes Yes #nodejitsu nodejitsu 30 days sandbox Yes now with Joyent
JSApp.US No node-host Open signup, web editing/npm command
Node Ninja(JP) 0.6.11 Yes Yes Yes In Private Beta
NAE(CN) 0.6.2 Yes Just allow * or custom domain Yes - You can create 10 apps. And you can request a MongoDB for every app. Open (with invite)
OpenShift 0.6.20 or any other Yes (preview) Yes #openshift openshift Yes Open
Pogoapp 0.6.x, 0.8.x, 0.10.x Yes Yes #pogoapp pogoapp Yes - Trial Paid Beta Private Beta
RoseHosting 0.6+ Yes Yes Yes - Fully Managed VPS Hosting Plans - 24×7 EPIC Support
Windows Azure 0.6+ Yes (Worker Role) Yes Azure-Sdk-for-Node 3 month free trial 10 free web sites forever Yes