EC2 Virtual Servers in the Cloud

EC2 Container Service Run and Manage Docker Containers

Elastic Beanstalk Run and Manage Web Apps

Lambda(Not in Seoul) Run Code in Response to Events

Storage & Content Delivery

S3 Scalable Storage in the Cloud

CloudFront Global Content Delivery Network

Elastic File System Fully Managed File System for EC2

Glacier Archive Storage in the Cloud

Import/Export Snowball Large Scale Data Transport

Storage Gateway Hybrid Storage Integration


RDS Managed Relational Database Service

DynamoDB Managed NoSQL Database

ElastiCache In-Memory Cache

Redshift Fast, Simple, Cost-Effective Data Warehousing

DMS Managed Database Migration Service


VPC Isolated Cloud Resources

Direct Connect Dedicated Network Connection to AWS

Route 53 Scalable DNS and Domain Name Registration Developer Tools

CodeCommit Store Code in Private Git Repositories

CodeDeploy Automate Code Deployments

CodePipeline Release Software using Continuous Delivery

Management Tools

CloudWatch Monitor Resources and Applications

CloudFormation Create and Manage Resources with Templates

CloudTrail Track User Activity and API Usage

Config Track Resource Inventory and Changes

OpsWorks Automate Operations with Chef

Service Catalog Create and Use Standardized Products

Trusted Advisor Optimize Performance and Security

Security & Identity

Identity & Access Management Manage User Access and Encryption Keys

Directory Service Host and Manage Active Directory

Inspector Analyze Application Security

WAF Filter Malicious Web Traffic


EMR Managed Hadoop Framework

Data Pipeline Orchestration for Data-Driven Workflows

Elasticsearch Service Run and Scale Elasticsearch Clusters

Kinesis Work with Real-Time Streaming Data

Machine Learning Build Smart Applications Quickly and Easily Internet of Things

AWS IoT Connect Devices to the Cloud

Mobile Services

Mobile Hub Build, Test, and Monitor Mobile apps

Cognito User Identity and App Data Synchronization

Device Farm Test Android, FireOS, and iOS Apps on Real Devices in the Cloud

Mobile Analytics Collect, View and Export App Analytics

SNS Push Notification Service

Application Services

API Gateway(Not in Seoul) Build, Deploy and Manage APIs

AppStream Low Latency Application Streaming

CloudSearch Managed Search Service

Elastic Transcoder Easy-to-Use Scalable Media Transcoding

SES Email Sending and Receiving Service

SQS Message Queue Service

SWF Workflow Service for Coordinating Application Components

Enterprise Applications

WorkSpaces Desktops in the Cloud

WorkDocs Secure Enterprise Storage and Sharing Service

WorkMail Secure Email and Calendaring Service

What Else?